Anonymous: "I loved the last memes of Cristiano, both are awesome *-*"

You did? I’m so glad :3

mrs-loryglory: "whats your last gif with cristiano about? :D i dont really understand"

I had a request of making Cristiano’s girlfriend a singer, so I took a few pictures of him in a concert pretending he was attending her concert :3

AU: (requested) Mats talks about how much of a football fan you are.

Anonymous: "Your posts are amazing!!"

Thank you :) x

AU: (requested) Alex talks about how you can lift his mood up after the bad game the team had.

Anonymous: "I feel stupid by asking,but...when it comes to your blog,how do I go to next page? hahaha,i can't find a way.Help me out,I love your AU's and blog :-)"

Aw it’s not stupid, this theme may be a bit confusing.
Up there, where you have the links, it’s in the end of it.

AU: (requested) Marco's girlfriend, Y/N, is a volleyball player and he talks about how proud he is of her.

Anonymous: "Your memes are amazing! All of them have something special that make my day better. Keep with the good work :) Have a nice day!"

Thank you a million times. I’m so glad they make your day better! Have a nice day yourself :’) x

Anonymous: "Hi! I really like your blog! :) it's great and I love how you do the requests, it gives your followers a creative scene to think about! :)"

Hello, this made my day. Honestly, this is what I need, feedback. I always doubt my AU memes, thinking if you guys like it or not. But thank you :) x