This blog is going through hiatus

Until the end of the World Cup. After that I will be back, meanwhile:

  • What do you think of the World Cup so far?
  • What are your predictions for the next round?

Current hiatus

Anonymous: "How do you make youre Au memes? I really want to learn! I love youre blog!! its the best!"

I use Photoshop CS5 :) Thank you so much!

Anonymous: "I LOVE the Jonas Hofmann au! Thank You! ♥"

You’re more than welcome ♥

Anonymous: "This last meme is very cute, I loved it *-* And Jonas Hofmann looks so handsome!!! By the way, good luck on your exams :)"

You did? Aw I’m glad, he is I have to admit! :) And thank you dear!

AU: Cesc is in the middle of an interview and you come in as a topic, he suddenly gets all smiley and he talks about how protective he's used to be, and how much of a I'm-hers-she's-mine relationship you both have. (for oh-fabianski)

AU: Jonas' teammates used to tease him a lot about him calling you everytime before a match. Before his interview, they told the interviewer to ask him about his good luck charm, and he said it was you. (request)

AU: Xavi is asked in an interview what is the hardest part about being a footballer, he says it's saying away from you for so long. (for nelelikesmurs)

Anonymous: "good luck on your exams! you'll do well! :D"

Thank you so much, I’m really nervous about them, but I hope so :3

I’m here!

It has been forever since I posted something, I did not intend to take this long. It’s just it’s my last month before exams and I really really really need to focuse or I won’t survive. So here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to finish the requests I have right now, and after that I’ll have to go into a mini hiatus, until my final exams, which is about the middle of June. I’m sorry guys ):